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Kshama = excuse ,paradon..,kshaminchadam = to excuse ,to paradon..,kshamaapana = sorry ...,kshamaarham = excusable..
Kshanam ,kshana kaalam = a fraction of second
Kshanakshanam = for each and every second..
Kshanikaavesham = a small movement ,short span of angry ,the little period of angry ..,kshanikodrekam = a short span of tension..
Kshavaram = hair cutting
Kshaaram = base
Kshithija samaantharangaa = parellal to the earth..
Kshipani = a missile..
Ksheeninchuta = decreasing..
Ksheeram = milk ..,ksheerasambandhamaina = milk related..
Kshurakudu = a barbar ,ksurakaththi = a barbar's knife..
Kshethram = the field ..
Kshobha = the pain ,torture..,manasika kshobha = the mental torture..
Kshanthavyam = excusable ..kashanthavyam kaani = not excusable..


Hakku = the right
Hadal ,hadalgottu = to make fear ,afraid ,terror ,terrify ..
Hatham = killed
Haththukonuta = to hug
Haddu = the limit
Hamaalee = a porter
Hayam = a horse
hayaam = ruin ,the period ,the duration of some on..
Harithavanam = green park..,harithaaranyaalu = green forests..,
Hareemanuta = to die
harthaal = a type of strike..
Halam = plough
Havanam = related to yaagam the spiritual ocassion ..
Haalaahalam = the poison .
Haasyam = humour ..,haasyaaspadam = feeling humour ,..haasyadhorani = humarous nature
Haajaru = present ,attendance ..
Haamee = a promise ..
Himam = ice
Hijra= the human beings who possess both male and female charectoristic features..
Heenamaina = valueless
Hukkaa = smoking tobacco with pipe ..
Hulakki = complete loss
Hoonamaguta = wounded violently ..
Hechchuthaggulu = more and less
Heyamaina charya = very disagreeable action
Hykoo = a literature produce with a few words..
Haindava mtham ,haindava jaathi = hindu religion of india..
Homam = a spiritual ,religious ceremony
Hoyalolikinchu ,hoyalu povuta = expression of fashion..
Horumani ,horuna = the sound of water while raining ..,or at waterfall..
Hangulu ,hangu = facilities ..,sarva hangualtho ,sakala hangulatho = with all facilities..
Hanthakudu = a killer..,hanthakuraalu = lady killer..
Hamsa = a swan ..,hamsathoolikaa thalpam = a valuable pillow used by kings to take rest up on..

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Sogasu = beauty ,comeliness ,sogasaina = beautiful or handsome ..,sogasaina chinnadi = a beautiful girl ..,sogasukaadu ,soggaadu = handsome man ,a well dressed man ,sogasukaththe = a handsome ,fashionable girl
Sotta = this is applied to any dents in the arms or body ,occasioned by the remains of distemper or wounds ,also the state of the limbs ,when imperfectly formed in your birth..,sotta kaalu = a withered leg ..,sotta buggalu = the cheeks having dents
Sottu = a dent
sonnayi = the musical instrument of the hindoos ,used at their religious ceremonies and at marriages ,bearing some resemblance to the clarinet..
Sonti = the name given to ginger prepared with chunam and left to dry ,in which state it is used in medicine
Sommu = money ,property ,including jewels..
Sompu = excellency ,propriety ..,sompaina = proper ,good ,choice ..,vina sompaina maatlalu = choice words ,enjoyable words
Sora ,sora chepa = a shark
Sorugu = the drawer of a table or box ..balla sorugu
Sokadam = to contract ,imbibe ,acquire
Sthothram = praise ,applause
Soku ,shoku = fashion
Sode ,sodi = prophecy ,foretelling fortune telling ..,sodi cheppadam = to fore-tell
Sopu ,soampu = caraway seeds ,which the indians use in their curries
Soma vaaram = monday
Sorangi ,sorangi chepa = the name of the fish which we call ,the whitting
Sola ,soledu = a measurement ,equal to half a seer
Soladam ,solipovadam = to reel , to stagger ,to swagger
Soudagaree = merchandise ,commodity ..,soudaagaree cheyyadam = to trade ,to send articles..
Soudaagar = a merchant ,trader
Soubhaagyam = having wealth and happiness
Soura kutumbam = the sun and the planets ..
Soura ghatam = the solar cell ..
Soura shakthi = solar energy
Sourabham = smell
Souraashtram = the region of gujarat state
Soundaryam = beautifulness.


Sooti = sight ,aim ,view ,straight..,sooti chudadam = to take an aim
Soodi = a needle
Sooryudu = the sun..,sooryodayam = sun rise ..,sooryaasthamayam = sun set ..,soorya kiranaalu = sun beams ,sun rays ..,soorya prakaasham = sun shine ..,sooryagrahanam = an eclipse of the sun..
Soorekaaram = salt petre ,of which great abundance is manufactured in all parts of india ..
Srujanaathmakatha = creativity...
Srushtinchuta = to create ..,Srushti = creation..
Sega = heat ..,sega rogam = gonorrhea ..
Setti ,shetti ,setu = the term of distinction of the heads of the banian caste ,that is to men of respectability and eminence amongst them is commonly called chetty ,such as venkata chetty or setty
Senaga shenaga ,shanaga = a small round grain ,commonly known by the name of bengal gram
Selaga = a cant term ,used by measures of grain ,who call out the number of kunchams or mercalls ,until they get to one hundred ,when they say sellaga ,and begin the reckoning again from one..
Selavu ,shalavu = order ,command ,and also leave ..selavippisthe = if you give order ..
Segi ,segulu ,keedu = harm
Snehamu = friendship ,intimacy ..,snehithudu = a friend .,snehithuraalu = a female friend..
Sepu = time ,interval ,period ..,konchem sepu = a little while ..,chaalaa sepu = a long time..,sepu also means an apple..
Seru ,sheru = the measurement which we call seer..
Sevakudu = a male slave ,a servent
Sevakuraalu = a female slave..
Saikatha shilpam = statue made up of sand..,sudarshan patnaayak of odishaa is world famous in this art..
Saiga = an indication ..
Sainyamu = the army ..,sainikudu = a soldier...,sainika pataalam = army betalion..
Sthairyamu = courage ,dare..
Sokkadam = to reel , to stagger ,also to swagger ..
Sokku = a man reeling when in liquor ,also a woman walking with a proud air .,sokku is also applied to a person in the state of fainting ..,sokku yeththadam = technically applied to the effect ,sometimes occasioned on eating betel ,by a nut of a stronger taste than usual , producing a sudden sickness and faintness..
Sogataa ,paachika = this is a game ,played by the hindoos with dice and men to move on a table ,according to the throw ,for which


Sthree ,aadadi = a female ,a woman
Seethaakaalam ,sheethaakaalam = cold season ,the winter ..
Seethaaphalam = custard apple...the name of a fruit in india ,which europeans call custard apple has a soft white substance inside ,very sweet and cloying ,from which ,perhaps ,the name is adopted..
Seema = the common name of country or boundary ..,also of district is also applied to the word europe ,in particular..
Seela = a nail , either of wood or iron..seela also means the silver or gold pin and sometimes screw,with which the joys worn by women are fastened ..,seela manda ,cheelamanda = the ancle..
Seesam = lead ..
Seesaa = a bottle ..,properly sheeshaa..
Sukham = comfort ,ease, happiness ,pleasure ..,kashta sukhaalu = sorrows and happies ..,manchi cheddalu = good and bad ..,sukhasankatam ,sukha vyaadhi = the veneral disease
Sudi ,sullu = this means anything turning ,or curling or being twisted ..,neella sudi = a whirl pool ..,sudi gaali = a whirl wind
Suththe ,suththi = a hammer ..
Sudda = a description of pumice stone ,taken out of hilly grounds and from the banks of rivers near is made into powder and used by some castes of the indians ,to rub on their faces and by painters ,to rub on the paper before they apply the colour..
Sunna = a cypher ,also ,the name of one of the marks placed in the rank of a vowel in the telugu alphabet ,expressed thus..
Sunnathi ,sunthee = circumcision ,as practised by the mohammadans ..,sunnathi cheyyadam = to circumcise..
Sunnam ,sunnamu = chunam ,that is mortar ....,gula sunnam = shell chunam ,..raathi sunnam = stone chunam ..,thella sunnam = white chunam ,usually called fine chunam ..,sunnapu kaaya = the chunam box ,in which chunam is kept ,a little of which is usually rubbed in the betel-leaf used by the indians,.
Sunkam = the customs or collection of duties..,sunkapu chowkee = the custom house ..,
Sundari ,sundaraangi = a beautiful woman ,sundarudu = a beautiful man..
Suratee = the name given to the thing they make use of in india ,to flap away flies with ,commonly made of a handle fixed to a tuft of feathers or hair ..some people call them chowries ..
Surangam ,sorangam = a hole or cavity ,such as are made by rats under ground ....,soranga maargam = a way in the underground..
sulochanam ,sulochanaalu ,kalladdaalu ,kalla jodu = spects ,spectacles or glasses ..
Srushti = the creation..,srushtinchuta = to create
Suluvu = lightness ,want of weight ,opposed to heaviness ..,suluvaina = light ,not heavy ..,
Suvaasana ,manchi vaasana = good smell ,fragrance..,good odour..,manchi gandhapu vaasana = sandal wood smell..,,durvaasana ,cheduvaasana = bad smell ,bad odour..


Sikkaa = a stamp ,a seal ,an impression
Siga = a plat or twist of the hair ,in the manner practised by the indians in hindusthaan ..,sigapatlu pattadam = fighting with holding the twist of the hair..
siggu = shame , reproach ,shy ..,siggumaalina = shameless ,impudent ..,siggu paduta = to feel shy..
Sidi ,sillu = the name given to a religious performance in the manner of a vow ,made to the ammavaaru or village goddess once every year ,the devoted person has a large doublepointed hook fixed through the flesh of the back ,near the waist ,and is swung twice or thrice round the goddess ,from an elevated beam ,and then let loose ..this ceremony is termed gaalaapu sidi..,they have another manner termed gampa sidi which is performed like the first ,except that of placing the devoted person in a basket instead of having hooks fixed through the flesh of the back ,when they swing round..
Sthithi = circumstance ,matter ,state ..
Sidde = a large round or oval bag , made of thick hide ,in which ghee or oil is commonly transported and stored is generally called dupper by europeans ..sidde also the name given to the vessel in which the mashaaljee carries the oil ,to feed the mashal with in travelling ,also made of leather..
Sidhdhamu = state of readiness..,or preparation ....sarvam sidhdham = everything is ready..
Sindhooram = the red colour used by painters in india ,called red lead in europe..
Sipaayi = a sepoy ,a soldier .
sibbandi = this is the general name of armed peons ,either kept in attendance at the house or employed as guards ,and occasionally to fight..,sibbandi also means employed persons in an office = kaaryalaya sibbandi ..
Sibbi = the name of a brass plate used as a cover to the vessels ,in which the rice is boiled by the indians ..,tharaaju sibbulu ,thakkeda pallalu = the plates of a pair of scales ,in which the article and weights are placed..
simham = a lion ..,simha dwaaram = main entrance ,the main door of the house ..,simhabaludu = the person having lion like energy....,simha bhaagam = major part ..
Sivangi = the animal ,which is vulgarly termed the hunting cheeta ,used in india by crowned heads ,and by rajahs ,for the diversion of hunting the antilope and deer ,to which it is trained ..
Sisthu ,shisthu = a revenue term ,signifying the settlement of the revenue..


Saabethu = proof , conviction
Saamantham = power ,authority ..,saamantham cheyyadam = to exercise power or authority sanskrit it means neighbourhood..
Saamaanu ,saamaaagri = baggage ,things ,luggage ,material ..
Saamu = the name given to all kinds of manual and bodily exercise ,which certain castes of hindoos practise during their youth ..,saamu cheyyadam = to practise exercise..
Saametha = a proverb ,a comparision .an alegory ,a saying
Saambraani = benjamin
Saayankaalam ,saayanthram ,saayanthanam = the evening
Saayaru = a revenue term ,signifying the collection of customs and duties ..,saayarudaaru = a customs-officer..
Saaraa ,saara = a cheap cost alcoholic product
Saaradhi = the name of the man who sits in front of the indian vehicles and drives the bullocks...,radhasaaradhi = who drives the chariot...
Saarangi = a small musical instrument ,mounted with five wires and played with a bow has a long neck a nd a short round body..
Saaruvaa = a revenue term ,signifying low-ground cultivation ..,saaruvaa panta = low-ground crop..
Saare = the name given to the pieces or pawns ,with which the hindoos play their game called sogataaloo ...saare is also the name of the pot-makers wheel , called kummari saare....,saare pettadam = a function honouring the ladies in the hindu families..
Saarthakam = meaning ful
Saala ,shaala = a stable , properly ,an eating place or cooking place
..gurrapu shaala = a horse stable ..,vanta shaala = cooking place ..
Saalu = the year ..,saalu gujapthaa = the expired or last year ,a term used in revenue ..,saalabaad choppuna = agreeable to former years ..,saalu aakharu = the end of the year..,saaleenaa ,yetaa = year wise ,
Saale = of or belonging to the weaver caste..,saale kulam ,shaala kulam ,padma shali = weaver caste .,saaleedu ,saale purugu..= a spider
Saavakaasham ,theerubadi = leisure ,opportunity
Swaathanthryam = independance..,swaathanthrya dinothsavam = independance day..,swathanthrangaa = independantly..
Saahukaaru ,shaavukaaru = a caste of hindoos who may be considered the monied men ,or bankers of india.., saahukaar koti = office or place of residence of saahukaar..
Saahasam = dare ,courage ..,saahasa kreeda = coourageous game ..,saahasa kruthyam = courageous work....,saahasa yaathra = adventurous tour..
Smaarakaartham = in the memory of..,smaaraka chihnam = memorial symbol..
Swaagatham ,suswaagatham = welcome..
Swaavalambana = self strengthening
Saakshyam = evidence ,testimony ,witness ....,thappudu saakshyam = false evidence..
Saakshi = a witness ,an evidence

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Swapnam ,kala = a dream
Swabhaavam = nature , disposition ,character
Swargam = heaven
Swaram ,raagam = the voice
Savathi ,savathulu ,samithi = the term given ,when there are two or more women married to the same man...,savathi thalli = step mother ,a father's wife ..not the mother who begot you ,properly ,a mother ,in common with others of your father's wives..
Savaaree = the general term for any manner of conveyance ,used for exercise or pleasure
savaalu = question ..,a challenging question ..,
Saskaani = the term of an imaginary valuation of money ,supposing the amount of two dubs..
Sahanam = patience ,quiet ,
sahaayam ,aasaraa = help ,assistance ,an asylum
Sahinchadam ,bharinchadam = to suffer ,to endure , to forbear
Salupu = severe pain ,constant ,drawing pain , fever
Saankethikatha = technology ..,saankethika nipunulu = technical experts..
Saankhyaka shaasthramu = numerology..
Saagakottadam ,saagathiyyadam = to beat out,to expand
Saagadam = to stretch out ,to distend ..,pani saagadam = to go through or push out a business ...,yeruvaaka saagadam = to plough up a fallow
Saaganaara chettu ,kalabanda = the aloe tree ..,saaganaara matta = the leaf of the aloe..
Saagubadi = cultivation
saadaru vaaru = a rebenue term signifying the expenses attending the collection of the revenue..
Saadhana = practice ..
Swaadheenam = control
Swartham = selfishness
Snaanam ,= bathing ..
Saana = a particular stone up on which the sandal wood is ground into powder ,to be used by the indians to rub on their bodies..,saanapettadam = make sharpening..
Saani = the general name of a dancing woman ..,saani ,shaani also means a girl made a woman of..i.e.mature ,maturity ..pedda manishi kaavadam ,samurthi kaavadam = get matured ,
saanike = the name of small earthen plates ,on which some of the hindoo and mahomadan castes eat their victuals..
Saane = of or belonging to the saanaay caste ..this is a particular caste of dancing women ,who dance whilst beating small sticks according to time accompanied by singing..
saapadadam ,thinadam = to eat
Saafu = fair ,clean


Samshayam = suspicion
Samskrutham = the sanskrit language.
Samsaaram = a family
Samsaari = a family man ,woman..
Sardadam = to arrange ,to assort ,to place together
Sarnjaamaa = articles of provision or other requisites ,either for troops or travellers ,prepared at particular stages ..,sarnjaamu cheyyadam = to prpare articles of provision..
Sarambee = a ceiling or inner roof..
Sarkaaru = the governament of the country..
Sarvam = all ,everything ..,sarvakarmalu = all activities .,sarvulu = all people
Sarraafu , a shroff = a teller of money..the shroffs manage all the money concerns and exchange of the bazaar ,the same as the shahukaars do ,of the countries in which they reside..
Sari = sufficiency ,enough ..,saripadadam = to fill ,to complete ..,sari besilu = even and odd or odd and even ..,sari puchchadam = to finish sari cheyyadam = make adjustments ..,and also to dress the threads before weaving ...,sari choodadam = to examine..,to tally..
Sarigaa = properly ,rightly ,correctly
Sarihaddu = a boundary , border
Saruku = articles ,goods , merchandise ,,thogaru saruku = chay goods
Saresu = glue..,saresu pettadam = to glue..
Salahaa = advice ,counsel , peace ,contentment ,rest
Salaam = a talus or great ,wish ..
Swachchandangaa = volunterily..,swachchanda sevakudu = volunteer ..,swachchanda samstha = a charitable organisation..,swachchanda padavee viramana = voluntary retirement..
Swantham ,sontham ,sweeyam ,khaasaa = own ,private property


Samagram ,Samagramaina = integrated ..,samagratha = integration..
Samathulyatha ,samathula sthithi = balanced state..,samatthula aahaaram = balanced diet..
Sammathi = acquiescence ,compliance ,consent,agree
Samrudhigaa = having a lot .,plenty .,more than sufficiently..
Samam ,samaanam ,= equal ,equality ,similitude ..,samangaa = equally or alike
Samanvayam = coordination ..
Samayam = time ,opportunity ,leisure..,viraama samayam = leisure time..
Samastham ,sakalam = the whole ,the whole body
Samaajam = society ..,samaaja seva= social service..,samaaja sevakudu = a social servent ..,samaaja sevakuraalu = a female social servent..
Samaachaaram = information ,matter ,an occurrence ,circumstance ,news
Samaadhaanam = answer ,agreement ,consent ,compliance ..
Sameepam = nearness ,proximity ,neighbourhood...,sameepa bandhuvulu = near relatives...,sameepangaa = near ,close to..
Samukham = presence
Samudram = the sea ..,samudrapu gaali = the sea breeze..,samudrapu voddu = the sea shore ..,mahaa samudram = the ocean..
Samudaayam = a complex ,a group..
Sammeta = a sledge ,that is any large heavy hammer..
Samethanga = including ,along with ..,satheesamethangaa = along with wife..
Sabha ,samaavesham = a meeting...,sabhaasthali ,sabhaa praanganam = the place of meeting ,the area of meeting..
Samprathi = a revenue term ,applied to the person who officiates ,along with the authorised karnam of a village..
Sampradimpulu = negotiations..
Sankethamu = a sign ,a symbol , a mark ,an indication..
Sampaadana =the act of procuring ..,sampaadinchuta = to procure ,to obtain ,to earn..,sampaadakudu = earner..,sampaadakudu also means editor..,pradhaana sampaadakudu = chief editor..,saha sampaadakudu = associate editor..,vupa sampaadakudu = sub editor..
Sambaram = a feast ,celebration ,festival ,...also means happy ,pleasure ...,sambhramam = happy ,pleasure..
Samrakshana ,samrakshinchuta = protection ,support ,maintenance
Samvathsaram = a year ..,samvathsaraadi = new year's day which ,amongst the hindoos ,occurs on the 1st of the month chythram ,answering nearly to the month of april..,samvathsaraadi panduga ,yugaadi ,vugaadi = new year's holy day or feast


Sangathi = business ,subject , case ,circumstance,matter
Sangeetham = music ..,a song or singing
Sangoru = a revenue term ,meaning a half ..,sangoru saalu = a half share ,such as ,half share to the ryot and half share to the circar or govt..
Sanchi = a bag
Santha ,angadi = a fair ,generally held in the same manner as they are in europe...,market ....,varaanthapu santha = weekly market
Santhakam = signature..,santhakam cheyyadam = to sign
Santhathi ,santhaanam = issue ,offspring...the children of any family is the santhaanam ,santhathi of that family..
Sathsampradaayam ,sadaachaaram = good custom ,good practice
Sathpravarthana = good behaviour
Santhosham = pleasure ,gladness ,satisfaction ,happyness
Sadgunaalu = good qualities ,good charectoristics..
Sadgrandha patanam = reading good books
Sandadi = the buzzing noise made by a crowd of people ,also ,the crowd it self
Sandu = a lane ,a narrow street ,also any particular direction
Sandeham ,anumaanam = suspicion ., doubt .sandehinchadam = to suspect
Sandarbham = occassion
Sandarshana = visiting
Sandhya = the evening ,sandhya vela = the evening time..,sandhya vaarchadam = to make supplication
Sabbu = a soap ..,battala sabbu = a washing soap ...,snaanapu sabbu = a bathing soap, bath soap..


Sakalam ,samastham = the whole ,the aggregate
Sakilinchadam = to neigh ..,gurrapu sakilimpu = the neigh of the horse
Sakthu = duree ,distress ,oppression..,sakthu cheyyadam = to use violence ,to distress
Sagatu = an average ,an estimate
Sagam ,ara ,saga bhaagam artha bhaagam = a half ..,sagam sagam = half and half..
Sanagadam = to mutter ,to grumble
Sathyam = truth ,asseveration ,oath
Sathram = thisi is the telugu name of the charitable buildings on the roads in india ,which we call choultries ,usually so built ,as to accommodate travellers of every different caste..
Saththu = pewter
Saththuva = strength ,force ,capability
Sthambham = any kind of post or pillar..,raathi sthambham = a stone pillar ,karra sthambham = a wooden pillar or post ..,deepa sthambham = a lamp stand used in all indian houses..
Sthalam = a place ,a situation ,a residence
Sadarahee = aforesaid ,above mentioned ,foregoing
Saduththaram ,prathyuththaram = a reply ,an answer
Sadupaayaalu ,soukaryaalu = facilities..
Sanna = fine ,thin .,sanna batta = a fine cloth
Sanadu = a voucher ,contract ,agreement,better known by the word sannud..
Sannam = fineness ,thinness
Sanyaasam = the name of a particular persuasion of religionists amongst the hindoos ,who travel into different parts ,as beggers.the head of the sanyaasis is placed in a superior light by brahmins ,and considered the head over all the religions ( sects) of thehindoos..sanyaasi ,sannaasi
Sannidhi ,samukham = presence
sankatam = sickness ,indisposition..
Sankela ,sankellu ,bedeelu = a fetter ,iron ,hand cuffs
Sankshobham = a crisis
Sangadi ,sangallu = the name given to the double boats ,placed as ferries on rivers ,made of two entire trunks of palmyra trees ,hollowed out


Shaanaa = many ,plenty ,several ,sufficient ,enough..,shaanaa sepu = a long time
Shaashvatham ,= permanent ,shaashvathangaa = permanently..
Shraavanam = one of the telugu months ,nearly answering to the month of august..,shraavanam also means ,a goldsmith's pincers
Shaasthram = the shaasthraas are the books of the laws of the hindoos.mahammadiya shaasthram = mahomadan code..,tenugu shaasthram = the telugu code....,shaasthrokthangaa ,shaasthraprakaarangaa = according to the law...there are six different shaasthraas according to the hindu religion 1.vyaakaranam or the doctrine of grammar and language ..2. tharkam or the doctrine of the earth and its properties.3. meemaamsam or the doctrine of rites,ceremonies and incarnations..4. vedaantham or the doctrine of the divinity ..5.jyothishyam or the doctrine of the heavenly bodies or the doctrine of forecasting .6. vaidyam or the doctrine of medicine..
Shiraa ,siraa = ink ..,telugu siraa = telugu ink , jaathi siraa = europe ink..
Shirassu ,shiram = the head ,shirovedana = the headache
Shila = stone ..,shilaa phalakam = foundation stone..
Shilpam = a statue..
Shishuvu ,bidda = an infant ,a child.
Shishyudu = a scholar or a disciple
Shiksha = punishment
Sheeghram = quickness ,expedition ,sheeghrangaa = quickly
Sheelam = charector
Sheershika = a title
Shukravaaram = fri day..
Shubham = good ,shubha soochakam = good indication ..,..,shubhaa kaankshalu = best wishes , greetings
Shubhram ,shuddhi = cleanliness ,neatness
Shoorathvam = strengthfulness ,heroism ,shoorudu = a strengthful man ,a hero
Shoonyam = emptybess
Shoolam = an iron rod having sharp edge
Shoodra ,suddari vaallu ,suddarollu = of or belonging to sudras ..shoodra kulam = the sudra caste..
Shrunga bhangamu ,garva bhangam = insult
shaishavam ,shaishava dasha..= childhood ,infancy..
Shaithyam = the complaint ,which we term a cold..,Shaithyam cheyyadam = to have a cold
Shamyaa ,semme = a lampstand used in cutcherries...= deepapu semme
Sharathu = stipulation , agreement , a condition
Sharaakhathu ,bhaagaswaamyam = partnership
Shreyobhilaashi ,shreyobhilaashulu = well wisher ,well wishers..
Shaabad raallu ,shaabaad bandalu = a type of stones used for making floor in the houses..
Shaalu ,shaalva ,shaaluva = a shaal worn by people in india
Shaahidee ,saakshi = a witness
Shikaaru = wandering in a vehicle or on foot for the purpose of enjoyment..
Shuruvu ,shuroo = beginning ,commencement..,saalu shuruvu = beginning of the year..


Shakthi = energy ,..,and also name of the goddess to whom devotion is paid by the hindoos ,to avert the calamity o f the small pox..vide..ammavaaru ...this word also means strength and vigour
Shakunam = an omen , a sign ,a prognostic..
Shathakam = a century ..,a hundred..
Shatha vidhaalaa = by many ways..
Shathruthvam,paga = enmity ,opposition,..shathruvu = an enemy
Shabdam = the sound of a voice or of the people speaking, also ,words or speech
Shrama ,prayaasa = difficulty ,trouble,distress
Shareeram = the body of human beings or animals..
Shalanki = the name of a bird..= shalanki pitta..
Shalavu,shelavu ,selavu = leave ,order ,permission ,concurrence
Shallaa = muslin..
Shavam = a corpse..
Shani = saturn ,shani graham =the saturn planet..
Shani vaaram ,shenivaaram = the satur day
Shasthra chikithsa = operation..,surgery..,shasthra chikithsa gadi = operation theatre,..operation room

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Voka chettu ,vaaka chettu = the kalacka tree
Vokilintha = retching or vomiting
Vogu ,keedu = detriment ,injury ,badness..,vogu baagulu or baagu vogulu or baagogulu = bad and good
Vodchadam = to pour out ,to discharge
Vodadam = to lose ,to be deprived of
Vodipovadam = to lose ,not to win
Vodu billa ,penku = pantiles
Vodu ,voti = decay ..,voti kunda = a decayed vessel ,that is worn out by time..,votimaatalu = unsound words ,words not to be depended on
Vodhaarchadam = to console ,to comfort ,also ,to condole
Vorchadam = to suffer ,to bear , to endure ..,noppiki vorchadam = to endure pain
Vorchalekapovadam ,vorvalekapovadam = to be envious ,to envy..
Vorchalenithanam ,vorvalenithanam = envy , jealousy


Vokkokkati = one by one..prathi vokkati = each and every one..
Vodakadam = to spin,..,noolu vodakadam = to spin thread..
Voda poyyadam ,vadapoyyadam = to strain ,to filter ,to clarify..
Voddu = the water side..,bank..,cheruvu voddu = edge of a tank..,voddu also means ,the multiplicand or sum multiplied ,in arithmetic.
Voththadam = to press with the hand ,to compress ,to squeeze....,pokalu voththadam = to break the betel nut:that is when using it..
Voththidi = stress ..,strain ..,pressure
Voppadam ,voppukovadam ,sammathi = to agree ,to consent
Voppandam = an agreement ,a contract
Voragadam ,varuku ,vorugu = to lean back
Vorusukupovadam = to hurt ,to touch lightly ,to graze
Vollu ,shareeram = the body


Vaikhari = behaviour ,conduct ,manner..
Vaidhooryamu = the stone called the cat's-eye
Vaidyam = medical aid ,treatment..
Vaidyudu = a physician, a doctor..
vainam = the particulars ,a detail
vaipu = a direction,towards..
Vaiyukthikamu = individual ,vaiyukthika bhedaalu = individual differences..
Vairaanu = distraction , ruin ..,vairaanu kaavadam = to be in confusion
Vairaagyamu = loosing interest up on everything...,depression..
Vairudhyam = difference
Vaishaakham = one of the telugu months ,nearly answering to the month of may..
Vaishnavam = this is the name given to the sect of hindoos ,who mark their foreheads length-ways ,and are usually called the long-marked,in contradistinction of those with the broad-mark


Vegadam = to fry ,as rice or fish ,in a frying pan
Vegiram = quickly ,expeditiously
Vegu = a secret search or enquiry ,a prying..,vegu chudadam = to spy ,search privately..
Veta = the sport ,the chase , a hunt..,veta is also the name for a sheep..,veta kodavali = a hunting sickle.
Vetubadi = an advance ,as applied to merchandise ..,vetubadi veyyadam = to make an advance
Vedi ,kaaka = heat ..
Vedukovadam = to pray ,to say prayers
vedam = the name of the sacred volume ,in which the religion of the hindoos is written ..the veda is comprised of four parts ...1.rugvedam .2.yajurvedam.3.saamavedam.4.adharvanavedam
Vemu ,vepa chettu = the margosa tree
Veyinchadam = to fry ,applied to all articles
Veru = the root of a tree or plant
Vere = different ,seperate ,distinct
Velam = an auction ,an outcry
VElu = a finger ..,veli kanupu = a knuckle ..,botana velu ,botamana velu ,peddanelu = the thumb..,chitikena velu = the little finger ..,nadimi velu ,madhya velu = middle finger
Vesham = a dress ,a mask or a feigned character in a play or masquerade..,maaru vesham = a change of dress or character
Vesadam = a mule..
Vesavi = the summer
Vesaaradam = to fret ,to get vexed
Vela = time , day ,period..,podduti vela = morning time ..,sandhya vela = evening time..
Velaakolam = joke or humour..


Veyyi = a thousand
Verasi = total ...vide mettu
Verri = mad ..,verri thanam = madness ..,verri pani = a mad ,silly business..
Vela ,viluva = price ,valuation
Velaga ,velaga pandu = this is the fruit called by europeans ,the wood apple
Velagadam = to give light
Velama = this is a caste reckoned amongthe sudras there are many professions among the sudras ,who have the name of velama annexed to their occupation such as aadi velama ,goona velama..,most of them are painters of cloth and others are traders in different articles..
Veli = the term for being turned out of caste ,that is ,excluded or excommunicated ..,veli veyyadam = to expel from the caste ..,veli vaada = the name of the abodes or village ,occupied by the chuklers and pariahs ,considered of no caste..
Veligaaram ,veligaarapu = borax ,used in the soldering of metals and also to mix in some medicines
Veliginchadam = to make or cause light ..,deepam veliginchadam = to light a candle
Velithi ,velithigaa ,thakkuvagaa = less ,inferior ..
Veliyadam = to hold up ,as the rain ,to fade ,as a colour
Velugu ,veluthuru = light ,as opposed to darkness....,velugu raachadam = to be hoarse.
Velugubanti ,yelugu banti = a bear
Vellulli = garlic..
Vesanam ,vichaaram = sorrow
Velladam = to go , to proceed ,to depart


Vekkasam = repletion ,to be angry..
Vekkirinchadam = to ridicule ,to mock ,to jeer at
Vekkirintha = a jeering , a jesting..
Vegatu = roughness ,harshness of tase..
Vechchana = warmth, heat
Vechchani = hot ,warm.
Vechcham = any articles of provision taken up ,on credit
Vetta ,kaaka = heat of the body
Vedalpu = breadth
Vethakadam = to search ,to seek
Veda =a cast ,applied to scattering or sowing seeds
Veduru = a bamboo ..,veduru chettu = a bamboo tree ,veduru bongu = a pole of bamboo
Vedhava ,vidhava = a widow ,
Venna ,venna poosa = butter
Venaka = behind ,after..,venu thiyyadam ,venukanja veyyadam = to hesitate , to draw back ,to prevaricate..,venaka is also frequently called aanaka ..
Vennu ,veepu = the back either of human beings or animals..,vennupoosa = the back bone..,vennu is also applied to the seed in vegetables
Vennela = moonlight
Ventruka = the hair..,ventrukala kudullu = hair roots..
Vendi = silver
Vembadi = along with,accompanying
Vembadinchadam = to ppursue ,to follow...
Veyyadam = to put ,to place ,to arrange

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Vooka = the husk of grain..
Voogadam = to swing or to get rocked in a bed or swing
Voocha = a rod..,.the name given to the stalks of the jonnaloo grain when young and before the proper time of cutting..,inupa voochalu = iron rods..voochalu lekkapettadam = to be in prison ,or in jail....,voocha biyyam = the name of young jonnalu grain ..,voocha also means ,an arrow..
Voochadam ,vuyyaala = to rock a bed or cradle..
Voota = a spring..,voota also means a heavy weight ,also the liquor of any pickle..
Vooda = the name of the drops from the banian tree ,which reach the ground and take root..
Voodchadam = to sweep ,to transplant..illu voodchadam = to sweep a house ..,vari aaku voodchadam = to transplant paddy..
Voodadam = to seperate,to come undone.
Voodipovadam ,voodadam = to seperate ,to be unfastened
Voodhadam = to blow out..,that is with the breath..,poyyi voodhadam = to blow the fireplace..
Voonadam = to stand firm ,to fix yourself firmly
Voopiri = the breath , respiration....,voopiri biga pattadam = to hold the breath..
Voobi ,burada = mud , mire
Vooradam = to rise , as water in spring ,to ripen or mature ,as a pickle..,manishi vooradam = a man to swell out with good living..
Vooraveyyadam = to pickle ,either with salt or vinegar ,also to soak or steep ..,karra vooraveyyadam = wood to soak or be immersed ,to preserve it..
only , unnecessarily ,without reason..
Vooru ,graamam = a village
voorukovadam = to be quiet,to be silent,not to hinder or prevent..
Vooshnam = heat ..,also means fever = jwaram
Vrudhaa = vain , fruitless ..,vrudhaa prayaasa = a waste work ,useless trial
Vyooham = a strategy ,vyoohakartha = strategist ..


Vuppara = of or belonging to the caste of tank-diggers....,vuppari = a tank digger..,vupparidi = a female of the same caste..
Vupavaasam = a fast , abstaining from food..
Vupaayam = idea ,intelligence
Vuppu = salt .
.,vuppu gallu = salt-pans ,in which the salt is produced..vuppu panta = salt produce , vuppu guththa = salt farm or contract , vuppu chepa = salt-fish ., vuppu revu = a salt - water creek..
Vuppena = a term given to the rising and overflowing of the sea..some times occurs on the coasts of india..
Vubbadam = to swell ,to enlarge..
Vubbu = a swelling ,a protuberance
Vubhayulu = bothsides ,both parties.
vummi = spittle ..,vummi vayyadam = to spit..
Vuyyaala = a swing ,vuyyaala mancham = a cradle ,also a swinging bed..
Vurakadam = to run ,to vault ..
Vuramadam = to thunder
Vuri = a hanging ,that is by the neck..,vuri thiyyadam = to hang a person
Vurumu = thunder..
Vulka = a meteorite..,vulkaapaatham = falling of meteorites..
Vullanki = this is the general name given to small birds of various kinds ,such as sand-larks , found in marshy ground and along the edges of salt or fresh waters ..,vullanki pitta =is also the name commonly given to the snipe ,which abounds in all parts of india..
Vulava = a gram rop..vulavalu being the plural ,is applied to the grain itself called horse gram..
Vuli = a chisel..
Vulli neerulli , vulli paaya = the onion ..,vellulli = the garlic ..
vulli paashaanam = arsenic..
Vulikkipadadam = to start ,to be suddenly alarmed ,to wake abruptly from sleep
Vushaa kiranaalu = morning sun beams..


Vudumu = the name of a description of reptiles of the lizard species ,which grow to the size of a foot or a foot and a half, commonly called the guaana ,by europeans in india..
Vuthakadam = to wash ,cleanse clothes..
Vuthakaalu aadadam = to be brought to bed..
Vuththaram = a letter ,an epistle,,it also means the north..,,maaru vuththaram = a reply..
Vuththungamu = lengthy..,vuththunga tharangamu = a lengthy wave..
Vuththamam = the best ..,better ,good..
Vuththeernatha = pass ,success in examination..,anuththeernatha = fail in exam...,prathama shrenilo vuththeernatha = passed in first class..,dwitheeya shrenilo vuththeernatha = passed in second class..,thrutheeya shrenilo vuththeernatha = passed in third class
Vuthpaththi = production..
Vuthsavam = celebration ,as applied to the pagoda ceremonies..,
Vuthsaaham ,ullaasam = gladness , happiness
Vudayam = morning ,a birth , the beginning ,an off-spring ,,suryodayam = sun rise..,chandrodayam = the rising of the moon..
Vudhdharana ,vudhdharinchuta = developement ,developing..
Vuddeshyamu = intention..,mukhyoddeshyamu = main intention..
Vudyogam = employment ,service ,office ,job,post ..udyogi = an employ..
Vudghaatana = strong expression..,telling strongly..
Vudgaaramu = coming out from something substance..belonging to rays ..,x-rays ,alpha ,gamma ,beta etc rays
Vuniki = existance ,condition , state ,appearance..
Vunni = wool..
Vungaram = a ring ..,vungarapu velu = ring finger...,
Vunchadam = to place ,to put ,to appoint ,to keep..
Vunchukovadam = to keep ,to entertain ..
Vunda = a pellet ,when made of clay or earth .,and a bolus ,when composed of medicine....,matti vunda = a clay pellet..,,vunda villu badda = a pellet-bow..,
Vundadam = to be , to remain..
Vupayukthanga ,vupayukthamaina = additionally..
Vupakaaram = kindness , benevolence..,help


Vukka ,vukka potha = closeness ,sultriness
Vukku =the metal called steel..
Vuggam = a cord ,string attached to any thing to support it by
Vuggu = a drink so called ,made of lamp oil and the mother'smilk ,which is given morning and evening to infants in india ,and continued to the age ofone year or tillthe child is allowed victuals..
Vuchcha = urine ..,uchcha poyyadam = to urinate..
Vujjayimpugaa = approximately..
Vutti = this is the name given to a sort of hanging frame ,slung over a beam in the houses of the indians by ropes ,in which they keep their pots and pans suspended after use..
Vudakadam = to grow hot ,to be heated , to get boiled,to boil..
Vudagadam = to stop or cease breeding or producing..this is applied to all classes and all things..
Vudatha = a squirrel means the common small squirrel,of a grey colour and two dark stripes,down its back..,konda vudatha = the hill squirrel ,with the head very much resembling a rat ,is of a chocolate colour,with a yellow belly and a long bushy tail ,vudatha saayam = a little help ,vudatha bhakthi = devotion of squirrel towards rama..
Vuduku = heat ,boil ..,vuduku neellu = hot-water ..,vudukugaa = hotly..,


Veekshinchuta = to watch ,view ,look
Veegadam ,veegipovadam ,veegi = to turn back ,or yield ,to be overcome
Veedu = he ,this man..,veeru = these people..
Veena = this is the name of a musical instrument,on the principle of the guitar and played upon something in the same way..,kasthoori veena = the musk bag ,taken from the animal..
Veedhi = a street
Veepu = the back
Veeramushti vaadu = a particular descriptionof itinerant beggars ,supposed to be possessedofthe supernaturalpower of restoring byincantations and sacrifices ,any lingamwhich a personmay have lost..
Veelu = arrangement ,theestimate of the revenue of a village or district ..,veelu cheyyadam = to form an estimate....,veelu jabitha = an account estimate
Veelunaama ,villu = a written legal statement of property disbursment by the owner

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Vibhajana = seperation , division ,distinction..
Vibhajinchuta = to devide..
Vimarsha = criticism ,inquiry ,investigation,..,vimarshinchuta = criticise..
Viragadam ,virigipovadam = to break ,to go in pieces..
Virachadam ,viravadam = to break
Virraveeguta = to feel very proudly..
Virivigaa = widely
Virodham = enmity,unfriendliness..,virodhi = anenemy ..
Viluva = value ,worth , price..
Villu = abow ..,villu ,ambu = bow and arrow ..,baanam = arrow ..,vilukaadu = an archer ..,viluvidya = archery ....,villu also means a written document of property distribution..
Vivaraalu = details ..,vivarangaa = indetail
Vivaaham ,pelli ,laghnam =marriage ,wedlock
Vividhamaina = various ..,vividha rakaala = various types
Vishadam , = information , communication..,vishadaparchadam vishadeekarinchuta = to explain ,to communicate ..,to inform..
Vishwaasam ,nammika = trustiness ,confidence,faithfulness..
Vishesham =charitable and virtuous excellence..
Vishleshana = analysis ..,vishleshinchuta = to analyse..
Visham = poison
Vishamam = critical ,vishama sthithi = critical condition
Visakadam ,visagadam = to tire ,to be uneasy ..
Visanakarra ,visuru karra = a fan
Visaradam = to fan , to ventilate ..,visradamalsom means to grind ..,and also to blow hard as a high wind..
Vistharinchi ,vistharinchadam = abundant ,plenty ,expand..,vistharana = expansion,
Visthaaram ,visthaarangaa = abundance , plenty ..,
visiginchadam = tovex , to tire
Visigina = tired ,weary
Visugu = fatigue ,weariness
Viharinchuta = wandering for enjoyment..
Vihaara yaathra = the excursion


Vikasinchadam ,vikasisthoo ,vikasinchi..= to blow ,as a flower..
Vikaaram = langour ,lassitude ..,vikaarapu manishi =a week or foolish man..,vikaarapu maatalu = silly words..
Vigraham = idols ,preservedfor worship at the different pagodas ,some made ofstone ,and others of a mixed metal...,
Vichchadam ,vichchuthoo ,vichchi ,vichchipovadam = to burst ,to break in to two..
Vichchalavidi = lavishment ,profusion ,prodigality
Vichaaram = grief , sorrow ,lamentation ..,vichaarinchadam ,vichaaram cheyyadam =to consider ,to enquire ..
Vichithram = admiration ,beauty ,wonder
Vidavadam ,vidipovadam = to come untied ,to get loose ,to seperate or part ..,daarividavadam =to part in the way..
Vidichipettadam ,vadaladam = to release ,to liberate ..
Vididhi ,basa = a temporary lodging
Vidipinchadam = toseperate ,to release ,to loosen..
Viththadam ,viththuta = to sow seed..
Viththanam = seed
Viththu = the seed of fruit or vegetables also means, the seded used for the soil ..,
Vidya = language ,education ,study ..,vidya also means an art ..,dommari vidya = the art of tumbling ..,gaaradee vidya = the slight of hand art..
Vinadam = to hear ,to listen
Vinnapam ,vinathi ,manavi =a representation ,a statement of facts ..,vinnavinchukonuta = to make a representation ..
Vinayam = respectfulness ,humbleness
Vintha = strange ,estimation ,repute ,celebrity ..
Vindu = a party .,.,vindu bhojanam = a meal in the party
Vippadam = to untie ,to loosen..


Vaayidaa ,kisthu ,kisthee = a revenue term ,signifying a limited period or date..vaayidaa also means a postponement
vaayinchadam = the different modes of producing sound from instruments ,whether with sticks ,with the fingers ,or the bow.
vaayuvu ,vaayuvu sankatam = the name given by the indians to complaints which affect the limbs or joints ,with any fixed pain..,vaayuvu also means the gas ,air...,vaayu sthithi = gas state..
Vraatha raatha = writing ,chethi raatha = hand-writing
vraayadam ,raayadam = to write..,
Vraalu = letters ,impressions ...,chevraalu = a signature..
Vyaapaaram = business ,trade..,vyaapaari = business man..,merchant
Vyaapthi = spread ..,vyaapinchuta ,vyaapthi chenduta = spreading..
Vyayaamam = exercise ..,vyaayama vidya = physical education...,vyaayam shaala = a gym..
vaara = a bundle of thread for weaving ,containing eight punjums..,vaara also means a defference or variance in any thing
Vaarchadam =to strain the water from the boiled rice..named ganji..,it is fromhence called vaarpu ..sandhya for the use of this verb ,as to prayers = sandhya vaarchadam
vaaram = a week
aVaaru = a leather belt ,or any strap or long piece of leather,,
Vaarpu = the drink ,commonly called..ganji..
Vaaladam ,vaali ,vaaluthoo = to roost,tositor light up onanything , as a bird.
Vaalu = low ground,where thewater generally lodges..,slope....yetavaalu = a slope..
Vaasana = smell, flavour ,smell
Vaasam = a rafter , as applied to house building..


Vaakara ,vaanthi = a vomit ,or the act of vomiting
Vaakili ,dwaaramu = a gate
Vaakku = a word ,a talk
Vaagadam = to speak continuously ,to jabber
Vaagu = a torrent or current of water..,konda vaagu = a torrent from a hill.
Vaagdaanam = making promise by speaking ..,promise made by talk
Vaajbee ,maryaada= custom ,rule ,right
Vaada ,voda = a ship ,a vessel ,voda thera chaapalu = the sails of a ship .,voda kodi = a ship's colour...,vaada also the name of any small assemblage of houses ,or a small town composed of people of one caste ..,palle vaada = a fishing town ..,vaadakattu = the side of a street ,the range of houses in a street..
Vaadadam ,vaadipovadam = to wither ,to shrivel up ,to wear..,vaadadam also means using one thing..
Vaadi =sharpness ..,vaadi kala = sharp ,culting
Vaadika ,vaaduka = current ,in circulation, in use ..,vaaduka bhaasha = currently using language.
Vaadu ,athanu = he ..,vaaru = that men
Vaatha = firing the actual cautery, as it is used upon cattle in india ..,vaatha pettadam = to fire ..raksha veyyadam is applicable to this operation ,on human beings..
Vaathaavaranam = atmosphere ,weather ..,vaathaavarana shaasthram = meteorology..
Vaadam = matter in dispute or discussion,..vaadana = an argument
Vaadi = complainant , disputant or plaintiff in a suit..
Vaadinchadam = to hold dispute with ,or toadvocate for ,in a cause or matter of difference
Vaadhu = a blame ,or accusation
Vaana ,varsham = rain ..
Vaapu ,vubbu = a swelling ,a protuberance
Vaamam ,oma = a small seed taken by the indians to cure the belly-ache
vaami ,vaamu = a heap of grass ,or a hay-stack
Vyaajyam = a complaint or reference ,a
Vaayadam ,vaachipovadam = to swell


Varahaa = a pagoda ...,karuku varahaa = the madras or the three swamy pagoda..,puvvu varahaa = the flowered pagoda or star pagoda..the madras pagoda is the largest and is current to the northward ,the star pagoda is ten percent less of intrinsic value and is current at madras..
Varaaham ,pandi = a pig
Vari = the grain ,commonly called paddy grain .,vari gaddi = paddy straw ..,vari chenu = a paddy crop ,free from the husk ,it is rice..
Varugu = the name given to vegetable dried and kept for use..,dosa varugu = dried cucumber..,varugu also means the partial leaning or bending of a tree ,or of palanquin to one side..
Varudu = bride groom,
Varusa = a line ,straight mark, applicable to letters in writing .,or to lines made on paper ,or on the ground
Vala = a net..
Valakadam ,volakadam = to drop or spill ,from anything over-full..
Vallakaadu = burning or burying place of the dead..
Valana = by ,with ,due to ..,andu valla = hence..
Valavadam ,valapu ,valachi = to wish ,to desire ,to covet..,,olavadam ,voluchuta alos means removingthe peal of the fruits,removing the skin of any thing,
Vashamu = custody , charge..
Vasathi = an allowance .the proper meaning in sanskrit is residence
Vasanaabhi ,vathsanaabhi = arsenic
Vasthuvu = an article ,a thing applicable to any solid ,inanimate body
Vasoolu = a revenue term ,signifying the collections..,collect
Varaagram = a superior kind of betel nut .

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Vanta cheruku = the general name givent to fuel or firing
Vandadam = cooking food
Vanthu ,paalu = a share , a portion ,..,it also means a turn in gradation or period
Vanthena = a bridge
Vampu = a bend or curve
Vyakthi = a person..,vyakthigathamaina = personal..,vyakthithvam = personality ..,charector..
Vyavasaayam = a cultivation ,agriculture ,..,vyavasaayam also means the cultivation or improvement of the mind..
Vyavasthaapana = foundation ..,vyavasthaapakudu = founder
Vyavahaaram ,udyogam = office , business ,management ,direction ,..,
Vayassu = age ,
Vyayam ,kharchu = expense ,disbursement,expenditure
Vyartham = waste..,useless ..
Vara ,ora = a sheath or scabbard..,it also means the earthen rims or rings fixed round what are termed ,pot-wells in india .,vara also means the name of the proof in gold ,as produced on the stone..,kaththi vara = the scabbard of a sword or knife ..noothi varalu = the earthen rims of a well ,vara duyyadam = to draw a sword
Varjyam = a bad time as per hindoo shaasthraas ..,any should not be done in this time..
Varthakam = merchandise ,traffic ..,varthakam cheyyadam = to trade ,to traffic ..,varthakudu = a merchant
Vardhanthi = a ceremony on the day of death
Varnam = caste , colour ,a letter of the alphabet..,varnam also means the name of a particular song amongst hindoos..
Varthamaanam = a message ..,an intimation , a notice .,..,varthamaanam in sanskrit means the present time..varthamaana kaalam = present time..,varthamaana sanghatanalu = current affairs..
Varsham ,vaana = rain,varshaakaalam = the rainy season,commonly termed the monsoon..,varsham kurusthondi = its raining..,vaana chinukulu ,varshapu binduvulu = rain drops..,vaana paata = rain song.


Vanka = croockedness..,vanka karra = croocked or twisted wood..,vanka also means pretence or perversion..,naa vanka choodu = look towards me..
Vankara = croockedness ,unevenness....,vankara maatalu = croocked words..,disagreeable words..,vankara panulu = croocked acts , improper acts,
Vankaaya = brinjal ..,in europe it is called as egg-plant..,karpoorapu vankaaya = a vegetable bearing a red head when ripe ,used in soups.,it is commonly called love apple..,guththonkaaya koora = a curry of brinjal that is much liked by the andhra people..
Vanke = a hook , ..,vanke also means an arm-ring worn by women and children ..
Vangadam = to bend , to become croocked..,.vangadam also means a type of seeds of crops ..,eg.varivangadam ,godhuma vangadam etc..
Vanchakudu = a cunning man, a cheater..,a man that disgraces another..
Vanchadam = to bend
Vanchana = a disgrace ,or humiliation ,
Vanta = a dressing or preparing victuals ..,vanta cheyyadam = to cook food
Vantakam ,annam = victuals ,cooked food


Vadrangi ,vadlavadu,vishwabraahmin = a carpenter ..
Vadi ,odi = the lap ..,neella vadi = the rapidity of a stream or course of water....,vadi vadi gaa = quickly ,speedly rapidly ,..,vadigaa maatlaaduta = to speak hastily and loudly ..,vadigaa raa = come quickly ..
Vaddee = interest on money
Vadugu = this is the name given to the ceremony observed by certain of the hindoo castes ,of putting on the thread ,commonly called the brahminical string..
Vanakadam = to shiver ,to tremble
Vaththi = a wick ..,mainapu vaththi = a wax wick, a wax candle..
Vadda = at ,by ,with ,near ,to
Vadaladam = to loosen ,to untie , to liberate
Vadine = a sister in law
Vadilinchadam = to let loose or cause to be liberated
Vadulukovadam = to relinquish ,to abandon
Vadaradam = saying something unnecessarily again and again..
Vadhuvu = bride..,vadhoovarulu = bride and bride groom
Vanne = colour ,touch ..,vanne kattu raayi = the stone on which the touch is made..,vanne kaadu = a man of dress and gallantry ..
vanne kaththe = a showy woman..

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Vaka ,oka = one , a single ..,okatodhi = the first ,okadu = one man , okathi = one woman..,
Vakeelu = an agent , an ambassador or resident at a court..
Vagarchadam = to breath hard , to respire with difficulty
Vagaru ,ogaru = harshness , roughness in taste
Vagarpu = a difficulty of respiration,the disease by us called the asthma ..
Vajram = a diamond ,
Vattam = this is a term used by shroffs and money dealers for the deduction which they make in money offered them ,that is short of standard value..,the word is usually termed batta ,amongst europeans..
Vatti ,otti ,uththa = empty ..,vatti or vari gaddi = paddy straw ..,vatti kaalu = the shin-bone ..,vatti povadam = to dry up ..,vattipoyina aavu = a dry cow ..,vatti vellu = the roots of dry grass ,which yield a pleasant flavour ..this grass gentlemen call cus-cus..
Vattu ,ottu = a vow or solemn promise,
Vada = the hot wind ,the land wind ..,vada debba = sun stroke ....,vada also means a cake ,made of gram..indians eat in breakfast
Vadagallu ,vadagandlu = hail or hail stones

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Lotti = the name given to the small earthen pots , used by the toddy people to fix on the stalks of the palmyra and other trees of this kind ,for collecting the toddy..
Lotta pitta ,onte = the camel
Lodithedu = the name of a measure ,generally spanned with the thumb and fore finger
Longadam = to yield ,to be humble..
lo = in ..,endulo = in which ,andulo = in that ,indulo = in this ..,lopali vaipu = inside
lokam = the world ,a multitude ..,lokulu = a crowd or the people ..,aa lokam = the other world
Logaa = whilst ,in the course of ,mean time
Logili = this term means the house and compound and every thing belonging to it ..
lotu ,nashtam = loss , detriment
Lothakkuva = remaining
Lothu = depth
lothattu praantham = the downside area
Lopala = within ,inside


Laagadam ,gunjadam = to pull ,to hawl
Laagu = like or manner ..,laagu also means the name of a kind of short drawers reaching just above the knee ..the same which sepoys wear..
laabham = advantage , profit ,gain ..,laabha nashtaalu = profit and loss
Laavu = bigness ,dimension
Lingam = a symbol of god shivudu
Lootee = plunder ,robbery
Lekka = an account , a reckoning
Lessa = propriety ,expedience ..,lessagaa = properly ,justly
Leka = or ,without ,unless
ledi = a deer ,an antilope
letha = tender ,young ,
Ledhu = not ,properly it is not ,lekapovadam = not to be..
lepadam = to awake , or to rouse a person ,so as to make him get up..
Levadam = to get up , to arise


Lakka = a sealing wax..
Lagaayathu = commencement
Ladaayi = a battle , a fight ..this word is applied solely to the operation of troops..
Laththuka = thisi is the name given to the red cotton ,for making red ink to write with .
Ladde ,laddi = dung ..,gurrapu ladde = horse dung
Lanka = an island
Lanke = the name given to the string or rope by which bullocks ,cows or calves are tied together, some times fastened by their necks and some times by their legs...,lanke veyadam = to fasten together
Langaru = an anchor
Lankhanam = abstinence from food, fasting
lancham = a bribe
lanje , lanja = a prostitute ..,mahaa chedda lanja = rousy hussy
labdham = the product in arthemetic ,both in multiplication and addition..
Labhyamaguta ,dorakadam = available..,to found..
lambaadee = they are a sect of the hindoo religion..
lavangam = the name of the spice called the clove..
laksha = a hundred thousand
Lakshmivaaram ,shukra vaaram= fri day


Rokkam = ready money
roda = a noise ,an outcry
Rommu = the breast ,both in the human species and in animals ..,rommu mona = the nipple
Rompa ,padishamu = a cold ,defluxion from the head
Rompi ,buradha = mud
Royya = a shrimp , or prawn
Rokali = a pestle ..,rolu-rokali = a mortar and pestle
Rogam = sickness ,disease ,illhealth
Roju = a day ..,roju marraa = a revenue term ,implying the daily account of any thing regarding the revenue
Rolu = a mortar


Rekka = a wing ,the shoulder blade ..,pitta rekka = a bird wing ..,manushyula rekka = a person's shoulder blade..
Rechchadam ,rechchuthoo ,rechchi = to scorn ,to be proud or ostentatious..
Retta = dung of birds..
Rettimpu = double or as much again
Rettinchadam = to repeat ,to say again..
Rendu = two , ..,rendoadi = a second ..,rendu maarlu = twice or two times..,rendintiki = belonging to two ..,rentini gurinchi = regarding two ..
Reppa = the eye-lash ..,reppa paatu = a wink of the eye or what is termed , a twinkling..,reppa vaalchadam = to blink..
Ravike ,ravika = a short vest ,such as the hindoo women wear..
Reku = a piece of cloth ,generally used as a covering
Regu chettu = which produces a small fruit ,with a stone in it ,very like an apple to the taste..
Repu = tomorrow or the next day
Rebaroo ,roobaroo = face to face
Revu = a harbour , a port

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Registrar = an officer of the revenue courts
Reethi = a manner , a way
Ruchi ,chavi = taste ,relish..
Rujuvu = testimony , proof ,conviction
Ruddadam = to rub clear ,to rub dry
Rudraaksha ,poosa = the nut or berry of the fruit from the rudraaksha tree..
Runja = the indian drum of the hindoos formerly attached to royalty ,but at present connected with no part of state .it is about three feet long and narrower in the circumference than ours. it is usually made of brass ,nearly on the same principle as ours but is played with the fingers and hands by people of the gold-smith caste ,who make it their profession and earn their livelihood by it..
Ruvvadam = to throw , to caste
Rubbadam = to grind any thing moist that is mixed up with water and not with any other liquid
Rumaalu = a hand -kerchief..this term is borrowed from the mohammadans and is the name given by them to the goods manufactured at masulipatnam which are called thogaru rumaalu checkered rumaals and by several other names..
Rushi = a saint
Rusumu = a revenue term ,signifying a fixed allowance ..,rusum ravesulu = a term in revenue to imply the extra charges or deductions from the collections..
Rooka = a fanam .
Roopam = the shape
Roopaayi = a rupee,
Roopinchadam ,roobadi cheyadam = to prove ,to corroborate


Raatnam = the name of the wheel ,on which the women in india wind thread ..,raatnam vadakadam = to turn the wheel..,rangula raatnam = the name of a frame ,in which a sort of wheel is moved round ,at certain intervals of the extreme circleof which are fixed cradles or trays ,in which common persons take a seat and get turned round..,paththi raatnam = the name of a wheel by which the cotton taken from the field is twisted round and cleaned of the husk..
Raathri = the night..,raathri vela = night time ..,rendu jaamula raathri ,artha raathri = mid-night ..,raathrimbagallu = night and day or day and night..
Raabattukovadam = to recover ,to regain
Raayadam = to rub, to wipe ,to scour,.
Raayabaari = ambassador
raayi = a stone ..,kempu raayi = a false or a good ruby ..,pachcha raayi = a mock or a proper emarald....,itike raayi = a brick...,gaaju or vanta raayi = is the proper name for counterfile ,as applied to precious stones ..,aaku raayi = a file..
Raaladam = to fall from a height
Raavadam = to come ..,to arrive , to happen ..
raavi chettu = the tree to which the hindoos are supposed to pay particular devotion ,on the idea that their gods are attached to it..
Raashi = a heap , a pile..,raashi also means a sign of the zodiac..


Raakada = a coming , an arrival
Raakapovadam = not to come
Raakshasudu = a gaint ..,raakshasi = a female gaint
raagam = this is the name given to the modes in music ,of which the changes are considered by the hindoos to be thirty two, in tones ,semitones and dieses the changes altogether amount to one hundred and twenty eight. for all these they have seperate names ,too numerous to be detailed in this place.their proper notes ,upon which these changes run ,are , like ours ,only seven in number.
Raagi = copper..
Raacha = the name of the raatsa caste or what is commonly called the rajah caste...,raacha kaaryam = news or information
Raacha pundu ,kurupu = large boil
Raachukovadam = to rub ,to scrape
Raajadam = to kindle, to get on fire
Raajyam ,desham = this word originally meant a kingdom ,but it has since been considered indifferently the name of a province or country..
Raajeyyadam = to kindle ,to set on fire , to put in a blaze
Raajee = permission ,consent , agreement..,raajeenaamaa = resignation , a release ..,raajee cheyyadam = to make ,or give an acquittance ..,raajee padadam = to enter in to an acquittance or release..


Rampam = a saw , rampakaadu = a sawyer
Rayanee = of or belonging to ryots or the proper inhabitants and cultivators of the country ..,rayaanee ijaaraa = the ryanee system of rent ..,rayanee muchchalikaalu = agreements of ryaanee rents..
Rava = a diamond small shots ,for firing at also means any small particle ..,ravantha = very little
Ravva cheyyadam = to give trouble , or incommode
Ravaanaa = a despatch , a transmission
Ravesu = fees of office
Rasakarpooram = calomel
Rasam = juice ,the liquid from any fruit..,paada rasam = quick silver
Rasi ,cheemu = matter,
Rahadaari = the highway..,rahadaari cheeti = a passport
Rahasyam = a secret ,a private communication
Raithu = a cultivator , a farmer
raksha = firing,that is actual cautery.,
Rakshinchadam = to support ,to protect ,to save


Rakkadam = to scratch
Raktham ,neththuru = blood ..,raktham kaaradam = to bleed
Rakku = a scratch
Rathnam = a ruby ,precious stone , a gem
Raddi = noise ,disturbance
Raddu = extinction ,disqualification ,..,raddu cheyyadam = to disqualify ,set aside , disallow
Ratham = a large heavy vehicle ,commonly called the swamy coach ,which the hindoos pull by main force along the streets ,at particular feasts
Ranku = gallantry ,debauchery.,ranju mogudu = a gallant ,an intriguer
Ranke = a roar ,a bellowing ,a lowing
Rangarinchadam = to rub together ,or blend and mix up..
Rangu = colour ,paint
Randhram = a hole ,
Ramaaramee = a revenue term signifying the estimate of an account.


Yentha = how much
Yenduku = why ,wherefore ,for what reason
Yeppatikee ,yellappudoo = always ,perpetually ,constantly
Yeppudu = when ,what time
Yeppudainaa = whenever ,at any time
Yemidike ,yemidike paamu = the small worm ,whichpeople and particularly children ,are subject to.
Yemuka = a bone
Yeragadam = to know ,to understand
Yerrana = red ..,yerrani paaga = a red turban .,yerrani vaadu = a fair man
Yeruka = a knowledge or an acquaintance with any body or a pre-knowledge..,yeruka undadam = to be acquainted with ..,yeruka cheyyadam = to inform ,to communicate ,to apprise..,yeruka cheppadam = to tell fortunes..this is commonly done by the yerukala caste woman..
Yerukala = of or belonging to yerukala caste
Yerupu = red ,redness, red colour
Yeruvu = dried goet's dung ,used in gardens ,also any article ,either borrowed or lent for temporary use
Yeluka = a rat ..,yelukala bonu = a rat trap.
Yellundi = the day after tomorrow
Yevadu = who ,what person
Yesaru = the water in which any article of food is boiled


Ye = what or which ,any , that which ..,yemi = any thing ..,yemayya = what say you ..,yemo = what then,what can i say ..,yemi ledu = there is not anything ..,naadi yedi = which is mine ..,yemi nimiththam = what purpose ..,ye ye = each or every one..
Yekadam = to beat cotton..,doodekula vaallu = cotton beaters ,cleaners
Yeka paathraabhinayam = mono action
Yekaantham = a secret ,privacy ,lonely..

Yetrintha = a bird ,so is a small black bird with a long swallow tail ,commonly called the king crow..
Yedavadam = to cry , to weep
Yedu = seven ,yeduguru = seven people..
Yedupu = a crying , a weeping
Yedhupandhi = a porcupine ..,the indians are very fond of the flesh of this animal and kill it for eating ..,yedhupandhi mullu = the quills of a porcupine
Yenugu = an elephant ..,yenugu thondam = an elephant's proboscis, yenugu danthaalu = elephant teeth or tusks
Yerparachadam = to sort ,to seperate into distinct and proper classes ..,vyaakaranam yerparachadam = to compile a grammar ..,paikam yerparachadam = to sort money
Yepi ,bepi = a sporting dog.this name is generally given to the dogs ,used in hunting the wild hog.they have a broader snout than the common dogs of the country , a larger head and jowl and are extremely fierce...the word yepi is also applied to a particular kind of tree.
Yeradam = to pick , to choose ,to select ..,yeri koorchuta = select and grouping
Yeru = a river ..,yeti dhari = a river side..,yeti voddu = the bank of a river ..,yeti varadha = the swelling of a river or coming down of the water..,yeru daatadam = to cross a river ,yeru digipovadam = to ford a river ..,yeruvaaka saagadam = to break up or plough a fallow..
Yeruvaaka = ground first made to plough or broke up by the plough
Yeladam = to rule ,to direct ,to govern
Yokka = of ,on account of
Yogyamu = correctness ,propriety..


Yeththadam = to lift , to raise ,to take up
Yeththu = height , weight ..,chadarangapu yethhu = a move at chess.,
yeththu also means a weight ,four of which go to a maund..
Yeththu pallaalu = ups and downs..
Yeththuku povadam = to carry away ,to transport.
Yeththuku ravadam = to bring
Yeththukovadam = to lift up ,that is yourself to lift up
Yedhagadam = to grow
Yedhirinchadam = to oppose ,to be against
Yeddu = an ox , for labour or in the plough
Yedhuta = before , in fron
Yedhurommu = the bosom ,the breast
Yennadu = what time ,what day
Yenamannooru = eight hundred
Yenni ,yennimaarlu = how often , how many times
Yenimidhi =eight .,yenamanduguru = eight people
Yengili = any thing touched or used with the mouth ,which is considered unclean or of no further use ,refuse ..,yengili annam = remains of victuals..,yengili cheyyadam = to make dirt in eating ..,yengili maatalu = silly talk..
Yenchadam = to reckon ,to count
Yenda = the heat ,as applied to the atmosphere and also ,as applied to the sun..,it may indeed stand for the sun..,yendaa kaalam = the hot season ,the summer ..,yendaga = hotly ..,yenda pettadam = to put in the sun to dry .,yenda maavulu = vapours or exhalations..
Yendadam = to dry ,to be freed from moisture..


Yuktham = propriety ,yukthangaa = properly
Yukthi = an argument ,a reason , a plea
Yugam = a period ,of which the hindoos reckon four ..viz krutha yugam , thretha yugam , dwapara yugam ,kali yugam ..they are not all of the same number of years ,but the present ,the kali yugam ,consists of four hundred and thirty two thousand years .
Yudham = battle ,contest ,engagement of troops ,war..
Yekkada = where yekkadiki = where to
yekkadam = to mount , to get in to ,to ride , to climb...,mathu yekkadam = to get intoxicated
yekkili ,yekkillu = the hiccough
Yekkuva = more ,above measure ,superior
Yegathaalee = ridicule ,mockery
Yega thiyyadam = to draw up or raise ..,batta yegathiyyadam = to lift up one's cloth ..,dhara yega thiyyadam = to raise the price
Yegaradam = to fly
Yeguraveyadam = to throw into the air
Yeggu = disgrace , blame ,reflection..
Yegumathi = exportation , shipment ..,yegumathi cheyadam = to export ,to ship ..,yegumathi digumathi = export and import
Yetu = which way ..,yetuvanti = what like...,yetuvantidi = what sort ofa thing
Yedama = the left..,yedama vaipu = the left side..


Ee = this or these ..,ee vaipu = in this direction..
Eeke = a feather , a plume
Eega = a fly
Eegadam = to act under or be subordinate
Eete = a spear ...these are made of a long tapering bamboo,at the smallest end of which ,a small spear head of iron is fixed..these are the fighting spears of the hindoos.
Eedchadam = to pull ,to draw violently
Eedu = age ,time of life..,either of human beings or animals
Eetha = the act of swimming ,also the act of bringing forth ,in animals of all descriptions
Eedadam = to swim
Eedu ,eetha = the palm tree ,which yields a juice ,like that of the coconut or palmyra tree
Eenadam = to produce ,or bring forth ,like animals..,gurram eenadam = a mare to foal , aavu eenadam = a cow to calf....,this word is not used to women ..,chenu eenadam = to produce ,as a crop..
Eerike ,cheerika = a remnant ,a piece ,applied to cloth or linen or any fabrick of that kind ..
Eeru = a nit or egg of a louse ..,eeru pena = a narrow comb ,for clearing the head of nits
Eela = a whistle


Ippudu = now , at present , presently
Impu , chakkana = agreeableness ,beauty ,.
Imadchadam = to contract in space to draw into narrower compass
Imadadam = to be shut up or confined in a space..
Iyyadam = to give ,to present
Irri = a buck antelope..
Irikinchuta,thagilinchuta ,chikkullo pettuta = implicate..
Iruku = narrowness ,straightness or straight ,when it means difficulty....,iruku sandu = narrow street..
Irugu = the neighbours ,in front and behind..,irug porugulu = neighbours ,all round
Iravy ,iruvy = twenty
Ilaakaa = concern ,interest , reference
Illu = a house , a dwelling-place..,inti peru = a house name , sur name
Ivvadam ,iyyadam = to give ..,
Ivathala = this side , this way ..
Ishtam = like ,fond of..,ishtaayishtaalu = likes and dislikes..
Isuka = sand ..isuka dinnelu or dibbalu = sand-hills
Isthuvaa = a whole property or estate.


Iththadi = brass
Ithadu = this man ,he
Iddaru = both ,two ,always applied to people, a couple..
idi = this thing , this beast or this woman..ivi = these things
Inkadam = to sink ,to grow less ,as water drying up in a pond or ink on paper that sinks ..
Inni = so many ,such a number
Inumu = iron..
Innooru = two hundred..
Inkaa = yet ,still
Ingileekam = vermilion ,used as a colour and is also mixed up in medicine by bthe indian doctors..
Inguva = asafoetida..
Intha = this ,so much ..,intha paryantham = to this time..,inthalo = mean time ..,
Inthata = during ,the while , this time ..,inthata chaalinchu = stop here
Indra dhanassu = the iris ,the rainbow ..,this word means ,properly speaking ,the bow of indrudoo,who is called the god of rain by the hindoos
Induku = on this account ..,for this purpose..
Indhanam = fuel..,indhana vanarulu = fuel resources..
Ippinchadam = to grant ,to deliver


Ika = again , in future ..,ikameeda = hence forward ,hereafter ,in future
Ikkada = here ,in this place, ..,ikkada nunchi = from hence
Ikilinchadam = to grin ,to show the teeth..,ikilimpu = a grin..
Igaradam = to exhale , to exhaust ,to dry up ,applied to water r any other liquid
Igarchadam ,chigarchadam ,chigurinchadam = to bud , to shoot forth young leaves ..
Iguru = a young leaf ,just shot forth ..,iguru koora = curry made with young leaves ,with out any sour in it..
Ichchakam = flattery ,weedling ,coaxing....,ichchakapu matalaadadam = to cajole ,to weedle..
Ijaafaa = a revenue term ,signifying overplus or increase of revenue .it is also used on common occasions..
ijaaraa = a revenue term ,signifying a rent or farm ..,ijaaraadaarudu = a renter or farmer
Ijaaru = this word is adopted from the hindusthani for what we term long drawers ,in which gentlemen generally sleep and in this dress the dancing women sometimes dance ,but principally those of the mohammadan state..
Itike ,ituka = a brick ..ituka aavam = a brick -kiln..
Itu = this way ,in this direction ..,itu tharvaatha = after this ,since this ..,ituvanti = such like


Yagnam = this is the name given to a particular festival held by the brahmins ,at which sheep are killed by being smothered ,so that no blood be split in the act . the meat is afterwards prepared and given ,in the smallest quantity by the officiating priests ,to those who engage in the ceremony ,gets the appellation of somiaazulu.this ceremony was performed by the ratsawaars and banians ,as well as by the brahmins ,about two or three hundred years ago ,but it is now only customary with brahmins..
Yathnam = intention , design ,purpose ,effort
Yadaartham ,nijam = the truth ,real ,fact
Yavvanam = youth
yaagaani ,yegaani = half of a dub or as much as ten cash
Yaatham ,yetham = this is the name given to the machinary erected by the indians for watering gardens and fields ,commonly called a pakotta ,to the southward ..
Yaabhai = fifty ..,yabhayyodi = the fiftieth
Yaala ,yela ,yenduku = why..,wherefore
yaalakulu ,yelakulu,ilaichilu = cardamom seeds
yaavaththu = wholly ,entirely ,altogether

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Mokaalu = the knee ,..,mokali chippa = the knee pan..
Moku = a cable or other very large rope..
Mogadam = to sound , as an instrument or a clock or bell.
Mocheyyi = the elbow..
Mota = the name given to the large leathern buckets ,used at very deep wells ,for watering gardens or fields..
Motu = a stallion..
motu also means ignorance ,unskilful..,motuthanam = stupidity ,ignorance ,dulness..
Motha = a load ..,motha also means a sound..
Motharafaa = this is a revenue term signifying a tax , commonly levied on the house and shops of particular trades..
Mothubaree = a responsible person..
Mothubaru = responsible ,creditable ....,mothubaru jaameenu = a responsible security ....,mothubaru manishi = a creditable person ..
Mopadam = to prop ,or place against a house or wall
Mopu = a bundle , particularly applied to wood ,grass oor to plants or any articles that can be tied together and carried in that state..,mopu when applied to a field ,means a overcharge or assessment ..
Moyamathee, sarnjaama = supply
Mosam , dhagaa = injuriousness ,offence ,treachery ,cheating
Mosukovadam = to carry ..= moyyadam
Moham = affection , preference ,desire


Moragadam = to bark , as a dog..
Mola = the waist ..,molathaadu = a band for the waist
Molavadam = to grow or to come up ,to vegetate
Molaveyyadam = to sow
Molaama = plating ..,molaamaa cheyyadam = to plate with foliated gold or silver
Movvu = this means the tender leaves of the palmyra and such like trees ,as also of plantain trees ,as they first appear .
Mosali = the alligator , or crocodile ..
Mohathaadu = the village peon ,employed for all public occasions
Mohuru = a seal ,generally termed a mohur ,in india..


Mottadam = to beat the head with the fist
Mottu ,mottikaaya = a blow on the head ,with the fist
Modalu = the commencement ,the begining ,the early part ..,modalu also means that part of a tree,nearest the ground ,from whence the stem commences,that is ,the base ..,modati maata = the first word..
Moddu = the trunk of trees,particularly after being cut down ,what we generally term timbers..
Mona = the point ,an end , extremity ..,mona also means a force ,the division of an army ..,monagaadu = the commander of such force..
Monna , monnati dinam = the day before yester day..
Mondi = stubborn ,obstinate ..,mondi thanam = stubbornness ,obstinacy ..,mondi vaadu = an obstinate , perverse man ..,mondidi = a female of same kind
Mondem = a trunk , applied to the body of any being ,after the head is off..
Moyyadam = to carry , to covey ..,motha moyyadam = to carry a load..
Morra ,mora = a complaint ..,mora pettadam = to complain..

Monday, 4 April 2011


Maidaanam = a plain, an open field or ground
Mainam = wax..,mainapu vathi = a wax-candle
Maila = dirt ,filth = makila
Mailuthuththam = the vitriol-stone..
Mokka = a young plant
Mokkadam = to make an offering or prayer to the idol..,mokkadam means to salute or make obeisance in general..
Mokaddamaa = circumstance ..,cause,,matter..
Mokka maamidi = the cashew - nut
Mokarraru = appointment..
Mokaabilaa = a revenue term ,signifying examination or comparision of an account or writing..
Mokaam ,makaam = place of residence
Mokku = a prayer or offering to the idol.
Mokhaasaa = a revenue term ,signifying a village granted as a free gift..,mokhasaadaarudu = a person enjoying the mokhaasaa..
Mogga = the bud ,in flowers..,mogga also means tumbling ,by throwing the head back and going over..
Mogali chettu = the kind of bush of which hedges are made in india usually called mangrove..